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We only have 2 lots left that are available for sale. See the Community Page for available lots and pricing.

[Foothill Ranch is not associated with Foothill Ranch Homeowners Association, Inc an Idaho non-profit corporation.]

      All roads are paved and dedicated to the county. They will be maintained by Canyon County, and all access is from County paved roads.  [Take Lewis Lane to a short left on Sky Ranch Road, to Foothill Ranch]. 

      The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Record (CC&Rs) have been designed to provide a blend of protective restrictions which will enhance each homeowner’s equity, the value of their land, and the subdivision ambiance.  

      Foothill Ranch sits in a small valley which until recent development was predominantly large farms. Your neighbors are other 1-3 acre subdivisions, with 2,000-5,000 square foot homes.   

      All utilities are in and underground. Phone and power are delivered to each lot and each lot has been tested and approved for septic.  The homeowners Association owns and operates the agricultural water delivery system. All lots have agricultural quality water delivered to the lot. Foothill Ranch Homeowners have the ability to water increased acreage, at a decrease in cost, over and above what would be available from your domestic well.

      You can walk, ride your horse, or bike to the ample open areas surrounding Foothill Ranch, or to the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. There is unlimited access to public ground.  Walking distance to hunting, fishing, or hiking trails around the lake.  

Foothill Ranch • Email • Phone: (949) 493-1559 • Fax: (949) 249-6709